Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Chords (the rockstar in me)

Saturday, February 25, 2012 0 comments

With a broken guitar, I shall have a chord in my name
Will name it S major or minor, but sing it the same
The crowd then shall join, singing with the tune
A phoenix then shall rise again, from its burning doom

They will not air in your radio or in your juke
Nor will narrate story that you love to look
But it shall stream through my veins and my breath    
Spreading in the frequencies, until I meet the death

Like I am-- an outlaw, so will be my chord
The one made to cheer my heart when it was blue and bored
The music, alas has no rule that you have set
As for you, it no longer sings if limits are not met

But my song, my friend, plays happily for all
For one with the rules or an outcast, one big or small
It reaches for hearts and pulls their strings
One that airs in every lips and thats how it shall stream

For, I shall be the rockstar, my songs with tunes of beat
That rhythms with dub-lub as arteries do leap
One that would be with no rules to bind
One that shall not be measured in scales of mind

For, my chords would be free to spread their wings
Flying through the rainbows and colouring the dreams
Thats how my friend, shall my music sound
Streaming through the hearts and breaking every bound