Sunday, June 5, 2011

My words..............

Sunday, June 5, 2011 2 comments

I can't cry infront of people
so I cry through my words
Share the thought that breaks and tears
And cuts me like from 1000 swords

I am not a happy bird,
Though I stick a smile
You would know my pain
If you be me for a while

How I crave for hug
That will make me feel alive
But all I find is brushing me off
Hate is the ultimate vive

I questioned at times "Y just me"
But the question goes in vain
Nor I get a shoulder to cry
I am lonely and going insane

I can't call my fren or my mother
and say how I got so hurt
I close my door and scream till blue
Till nothing pains at all

I still search for solace,
An angel made for me
Who would wipe my tears and mend my wounds
Even before than I can see

So much I wish I was a kid
And never have a grown up's heart
I could still believe in fairy tales
And wait for knight in white horse

But I now m so big to see
No knight to sweep off my feet
All come and return my broken heart
And smile at my defeat

I don't show I am so lost
But I am lost in my words
Please god have mercy on me
don't  hurt me more from emotion's swords

I can't speak, it pains so much
So I speak with my words
I write to say how I feel
When U stab me the swords