Saturday, April 9, 2011

If I am to smile.........

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U seldom speak out your heart or let me see it inside out
And I hardly ask..... just guessing random things sumtimes spring .... sumtimes ghastly draught
I try to see beyond the imperfect walls that u have put urself in....
And how hard I try, all i see is the perfect shape of ur beautiful heart

I havent known u for long...jus few hours of day and many unslept hours of nights
But see yourself once the way i see.....ur are beyound any such miraculous sights!!!
After long waited days and work your hinted emotions put me in...
Lemme tell u one more time.... Dear u r really worth many world engaging fights!!!!

I am stunned at I let myself so unguarded with you
maybe 'coz I feel u know me at times more than I myself do....
I had let u touch the beating heart hidden all this years in the cages of bones...
that I have till now saved from all the sparkling hunters who eyed it as they flew....

All I need is to know if your are a mirage... closer I move...more it fades
Or one to shatter all the hopes... sumone in disguise of mighty Hades....
Still, here is my heart your dispose defying all my rationality
Now its your turn... either prove my trust or else you can have it staked!!!!
It will either for me be too much to rejoice or too much of pain...
But either way I will know if forever I am to smile from heart or smile in pain...

Her Choice............


"Save my soul" , with her full might she screamed
under the pile of freshly fallen concrete...
with mountains of dust rising at large
and gigantic water soaring, and spreading far
"Leave ur soul and lend me thy hand,
I can do only save one at this time...
Its either you or child u hold....
Leave the child...its ur life for u matters more"

This is what the mighty lord of death told...
tempting to save her n laden her with all world's gold
She despised and gave no thought to it...
all mattered more now was life of her kid....
Breaths were heavy and time was short
Two lives hanging just one chance but
tears mingled as she planted departing kiss...
"U see world my will set my heart at bliss"

"Thy soul for whom my tender heart dances...
thy for whom I gladly abandon all my life and such chances....
Save my child .... my soul" , again she screamed
Collapsing forever and saving him!!!
Death stood speechless, saving the child
Never did he imagine this even in the wild
She died saving the child she bore....
No big angry sea or vast land stood as gigantic anymore

Tears even mingled down death's lifeless face
He lost the winning war at unexpected pace
He lost it despite winning it all
Child saved by her gave him greatest fall
He resurrected the lady and handed her the kid
he could have never taken her soul in this bid
'cause even when she died her child survived
her soul would remain in him forever revived

Risen again, she held her tiny one
now even sky smiled with her as it dawned
At last even the mighty ones surrendered to her
as no1 could stand against mom n her love for child she bore!!!!!

America As You Fall


(Note: see the first letter at the beginning of each paragraph… when combined they spell the title – AMERICA AS YOU FALL)
An old man sitting by the tree
With spirit so ancient yet so free
Sings the song of the mighty fall
For the world to learn from story of thee

Mouth-organ humming all his words,
Hunting with his musical swords
He sings ballad of you, the fallen titan
And your failed quest to win the world

Enraged and pompous as you stand
Holding knife hidden in your hand
He sees it all and knows, my dear friend
What you seek by torching the greatest sand (Oil politics in ongoing gulf civil war)

Raven gaze as you hold
On the lands of oils and that of gold
Sacrificing your goats for your sake
From your own weapons that you sold (Weapon deals of US and it charge against
Gulf leaders once considered close to US)

Ice of your heart never melts
Despite dozen shoes thrown at your face
Yet you claim yourself the mighty one
Can’t you see over are your days? (world- wide criticism of USA and shoes thrown at
mighty personality of the states)

Constellation of tusk and red sea of stars
Rise strong for the mighty war
And all you pay for oil is blood,
Leaving half the world with incurable scars? (reference to India and China as emerging

As you descend down the stairs
Can’t you see how you fall in despair?
Now taste your own poison for love
That all the world for you now bears

All your foes on whom you stepped
Your entire friends burdened by your debt
Together will now pay back your coin
Laden with tears those widows have wept

So sad, you didn’t spare your own
Made stairs for yourself from own child’s bone!
And still they pay for what you do
It’s time to dawn, and your nights would be gone (tax burden for US citizens due to war and
descending economy)

Your weapons as now charge at you
Like frosty morning with poisonous dew
Eating your plants and hands that sowed
Your foes outnumber your friends so few (terrorism, as started by US against Soviet

Only dust remains in your chest
With emerging tycoons beating your best
See how the old man sings your folly
Hold back the rage now take a rest (crumbling US economy and its debt with other

Umbrella of yours is tearing up
Exposing you to hail and soaking up
Old man told you then, and with time he pays
You axed yourself and fell from the top

Folly is bad, so is greed you hold
Treacherous your ways killed men so bold
Yet you now lose to your own puppets
Devils you raised now eat your gold (Al-Qaeda was initiated by US against Soviet Union
has wedged war against itself)

All the world laughs at your face
As old man sings with binding grace
Your saga, where you are the Othello
Hero so mighty, yet falling in his own mess!

“Love thy enemy”, is all he taught
For justice and for love that he fought
Smirks at you as passing by
As you turn from so green to pale and drought (land of Dreams to country failing with

Last, the old man plays his flute
Singing the song of a heavy loot
Where the robber gets all the riches
Just to die tripping over his golden boot!!!!