Saturday, June 4, 2011

!oo things b4 I kick bucket

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life is short and everything just comes once. B4 my short life seeks the farewell, there are few thing I want to do, which I think would make my journey complete.
I want to do all the crazy stuff so that at the end, I would feel nothing got left out and I throughly saw ever corner that my life brushed into and would not leave something that would tempt me to return make leaving my peaceful vacation in heaven at dismay. With a smile, before I leave I want to say I have led my life.... done every thing I wished for....thought of without a regret!!!!

Wishlist... lets say will be done list: 

  1. Pack a bag, collect my saving, take a month's leave, head to bag packing trip on my own from Mechi to Mahakali (Namche, Mustang, Dolpa, Bardiya, Chitwan... I want to see one horned rhino and snow leopards b4 they become myths.... Global warming and humans u know
  2. Go to all India tour from Ladakh-Leh to Kanyakumari......alone... Its completely a different experience to see India through the windows of train..... specially whole village lined up in railway tracks to relieve themselves in the morning.
  3. Have nose already pierced so what say about tattoo? 
  4. And an eyebrow pierced?... May be after this I may learn to cock one brow! 
  5. Would go for a bungee jumping, scream like monkey and yet hab a good foto to show  my grand children, scary chickens I tell you!
  6. Learn to swim
  7. Kayaking is up.... especially in Bhote Koshi... rolling through the tides......
  8. Camp for a week... with group of frens in unknown remote area
  9. Go for Lion herding in Africa, cow herding is all common wish these days, ask school kids!
  10. Did I miss the dirt race on Honda's XR 250 Tornado 
  11. Ya, the monster jeeps in sands of GULF
  12. Make ppl go crazy on my composition that I wld play in guitar
  13. Harley cross country trip especially teamed up wid bikers.....
  14. Cheer for rival team in a football team sports bar in one of the crucial match!
  15. Write a book
  16. Simply hab a karaoke night
  17. Walk hand in hand under the moon?
  18. Get swept over.... truly and like forever
  19. Buy an apartment on my own.....
  20. Classic jeep at my garage standing next to V-ROD
  21. Have all the flaming cocktails tasted and specialize in tasting B52..... 
  22. Bully my boss... or b the BOSS
  23. Actually, bully everyone who thinks s/he hab my life under their control
  24. Live and experience the night life...... fool the club guards to let u enter for free
  25. Spend few nights in sea..... inside a ship that aint wrecked
  26. Hab a loving family
  27. Go on trips wid kids
  28. Play with them in their Pirate ship themed tree house... who wants to grow up
  29. Ya go to good university on all my own.... my money buhahahahaha
  30. Get called over at Koffee with Karan despite not being from glamour world, along side Brandon Routh
  31. Learn to dance
  32. Sing and ppl say I m good 
  33. Teach the coming generation to learn to LIVE the King's way.... or say Queen's way
  34. Hab a coool biker barbie under my name
  35. Pass a comment on some random guy and watch him blush but all with group of friends
  36. Solve a mystery.... that can also be who came first... egg or chicken?
  37. Get a Nobel prize.... I hab the damn speech ready
  38. Fly an aircraft........... all alone
  39. Sky dive............ and with a parachute please! 
  40. Para gliding and take pictures to post on fb
  41. Be an amazing personality and give a speech that world can forget (I mean the good way)
  42. Get some gud opportunity to wear Bakhkhu I purchased.......seriously
  43. Spend a nite at haunted house... alone and I dun mind if u accompany!
  44. Own a horse :) 
  45. Live alone for a year in own place
  46. Go to office in shorts!
  47. Be with the RIGHT one 
  48. Serve in a remote country other than Nepal
  49. Learn 3 more foreign languages
  50. Visit capital of almost all the countries
  51. Fast for 12 hours
  52. Just eat outside for 1 full month
  53. Send a message in a bottle
  54. Test drive a car I dun intend to buy
  55. Give damn about every1
  56. Ride Gondolas in Venice
  57. Scuba dive at grear barrier reef
  58. Make a movie.... even documentary will do
  59. Be a visiting prof at reputed uni
  60. Get listed in Time's Best Blog List
  61. Get Pulitzer for books
  62. Make the front page of international paper 
  63. Get into influential post............and share dais with reputed personalities at front row
  64. Own a personal library
  65. Have amazing house all by my earning... I mean the interiors too
  66. Trek to Mustang
  67. Learn to paint
  68. Handover my months salary to sum1 unknown
  69. Start a good social charity or org
  70. Go on reality show 'Amazing Race' and win.... Fear Factor will do too
  71. Keep records of every odd happening... I bet I can write a book on that
  72. Attend Carnival at Brazil
  73. Ice skate and learn few tricks..... 
  74. Ski....... ski till I bump on a bear n stun it :D
  75. Get hypnotized and see if its for real, if not pretend to be so for a day 
  76. Ride Ducati in a racing circuit
  77. Get a closet and shop all the things I ever wanted to buy
  78. Get rid of nagging, bugging and irritating.... enough is enough!
  79. Hab full control in my life........ not caring of others atleast this time
  80. Dive with a whale shark
  81. Attend world cup football... live
  82. Smoke a hookah........suggest some flavours?
  83. Step on North or South pole
  84. Snorkeling in Hawaiii
  85. Experience how it is to be stoned/ drunk
  86. Get into every entertainment themed parks 1 has heard of
  87. Travel around the world by ship, road, train and foot...... whatever is usable
  88. Hab a page dedicated to in FB hehehehehe
  89. Dead sea chillax
  90. Kiss in rain
  91. See some awesome heartthrob perform live
  92. See northern lights and live atleast for a day in igloo
  93. Be on television program as an expert
  94. Get interviewed
  95. Be on a combat zone even if its for a minute
  96. Own a place outside the country
  97. get an edition of women oriented magazine decicated to
  98. Get updated with every appealing gadgets, watches, glasses and shoes
  99. Hab all wish fulfilled and be happy forever
  100. And take the last breath... with a smile..... a satisfaction.....realising a guilt-free journey is about to be over for good. :)