Saturday, April 9, 2011

Her Choice............

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Save my soul" , with her full might she screamed
under the pile of freshly fallen concrete...
with mountains of dust rising at large
and gigantic water soaring, and spreading far
"Leave ur soul and lend me thy hand,
I can do only save one at this time...
Its either you or child u hold....
Leave the child...its ur life for u matters more"

This is what the mighty lord of death told...
tempting to save her n laden her with all world's gold
She despised and gave no thought to it...
all mattered more now was life of her kid....
Breaths were heavy and time was short
Two lives hanging just one chance but
tears mingled as she planted departing kiss...
"U see world my will set my heart at bliss"

"Thy soul for whom my tender heart dances...
thy for whom I gladly abandon all my life and such chances....
Save my child .... my soul" , again she screamed
Collapsing forever and saving him!!!
Death stood speechless, saving the child
Never did he imagine this even in the wild
She died saving the child she bore....
No big angry sea or vast land stood as gigantic anymore

Tears even mingled down death's lifeless face
He lost the winning war at unexpected pace
He lost it despite winning it all
Child saved by her gave him greatest fall
He resurrected the lady and handed her the kid
he could have never taken her soul in this bid
'cause even when she died her child survived
her soul would remain in him forever revived

Risen again, she held her tiny one
now even sky smiled with her as it dawned
At last even the mighty ones surrendered to her
as no1 could stand against mom n her love for child she bore!!!!!


{ Dex Cerpah } at: May 15, 2011 at 12:19 PM said...

Real and superb amalgamation of words with equal pain and beauty. Each word that you have used here in this anitque creation has been able to make a complete justice n it wud even been able to create a realistic impact on every readers. I am completely mesmerised and it wouldnt be fair enough if i didnot accept the fact that this writing welled up tears in my eyes. Your are really brilliant with words.

{ chetanseel } at: May 15, 2011 at 11:00 PM said...

Thanx a lot.... that really inspires